This is a battle where 4 aliens go against each other, but they are limited to their own areas. Read on in.......THE SQUARE OF LINES!


So there is a large white square. There are four lines coming in from the corners, and they combine in the middle. Each alien can only be in a quadrinth. They will mostly be on the line, because bo staffs are rapidly coming up and down in the areas that aren't the line. Puffish has the top left corner, Rollerboaster has the bottom left corner, Very Long has the top right corner, and Pillows has the bottom right corner.


Rollerboaster: Woo-hoo! (turns into rollercoaster and rides slanted line to middle)

Puffish: Coming through! (jumps to middle of square, puffs up, and uses fin to hit Rollerboaster backwards)

Very Long: (reflects light to make solar beam, and it hits Puffish)

Pillows: (launches spots at Very Long)

Rollerboaster: (sonic screams and launches spots back at Pillows, then continues scream)

Very Long: (stretches tail and makes earmuffs around ears, then shoots a solar beam at Rollerboaster)

Puffish: WATER BALL TYCOON! (shoots gigantic water ball at Pillows)

The sonic scream pushed the water ball away from the square, and created a noise that hurt Pillows' ears.


Very Long: (slithers up his bo staffs, then gets near Rollerboaster and shoots a solar beam at him)

Rollerboaster: (falls down)

To be continued.