The Peace Piece is a rare medal that balances the anger levels of the weilder. It also acts as an Omnitrix. Redo wears it to keep him from having angry outbursts.


It keeps the wearer from becoming to angry. It can also transform the user to many different alien species.



Teleports the wearer to any planet, but must be needing to go there.

Recharge ModeEdit

If the user is in an alien form too long, or uses too many changes in a row, it will shut down for a while and recharge.


Can transform the user into any unlocked or scanned alien in the current database.


Keeps the wearers anger levels from going too high or low.


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The Peace Piece has access to over 1, 000, 000 genetic DNA samples and at least 200 avaible evolved forms.


  • The "Peace" function can be turned off, but it is unknown how.