Spidermonkey is a playable alien.

Ben10 SpiderMonkey


Spidermonkey is an alien with 4 arms, 4 eyes and 2 legs, a feature Spidermonkey has in common with Fourarms. Spidermonkey can spin webs from his tail which were at one point stated to be as strong as steel, although it can be shredded, only by strong enemies though. Spidermonkey has supernatural adhesive skills, and has superhuman agility. Spidermonkey can also swim. In the episode Birds of a Feather, Simion, an Arachnichimp, said that their ears are better than humans, so Spidermonkey probably has a highly strong sense of hearing, too. He is also good at hand-to-hand combat. He also has above average strength (stronger than a human) as seen in Absolute Power: Part 2 when he hit Kevin with a street lamp post which sent him flying.