Brian and Redo become temporary Forever Knight "Sirs" to battle Sir George.


Brian and Redo were in a Forever Knight castle surrunded by Forever Knights, that didn't notice them.

Forever Knight 1: So the new lance model?

Forever Knight 2: Yes, yes, it is said to "company any Knight, even through his last battle".

Forever Knight 3: Wait! Those two aren't Knights! Kill 'em!

Redo: Yeah, right! (Makes battle stance)

Brian: FIGHTING TIME! (uses sword to fight) HIYAH!

Redo: A Knight for a Knight? I'll take an Eye for an Eye! (Transforms into Eye Guy and fires mai freeze ray at one!)

Brian: (slashes Forever Knights and they are all down) Man I love this sword! I will save it for next time.

Redo: And I'll keep a minuture version of one of their robot dragons as a pet! (Mini robot dragon breathes fire in mai face) I'm gonna call you Sparky!

Knight 1: You defeated us in Double Combat, you will serve us for a mission.

Brian: Ookaayy.....

Knight 2: Find Sir George and bring 'em to us, even if you have to battle him.

Redo: Ookaayy..... But we aren't even Knights, how do we stand a chance.

Knight 3: You are Sirs, for now...

Redo and Brian: HUNTING TIME!


We see Brian and Redo outside of Redo's Junk Shop at night.

Redo: I gotta grab something, quick! Stay here as guard.

Brian: K. In the meantime I will upgrade my sword.


Brian: REDO GUESS WHAT I ADDED POWER LEVEL TO MY SWORD, they are Lame (Normal), good, awesome, epic, OMG, and OMG!!!111!!!. So what did you take from your shop?

Redo: Oh, these are Power Drainers. They suck the energy from any living thing and gives it to the user. Here! (Tosses one)

Brian: Yay! Let's find that Sir George thing now.

Suddenly, from the ground, comes some pig with wings thing.

Brian: ................................................seriously

Redo: FITE

Brian sets the power level to normal, and stabbed the pig. Redo then touches it with one finger and the pig dies.

Redo: Fun!


Redo: Hey, it's the seal from A Knight to Remember! I wonder if the Diagon will pop out and try to kill us!

Diagon pops out and tries to kill us!

Diagon: BOO!

Redo: AH!

Brian: A wild diagon appeared!

Redo: SHUT UP.

Diagon breathed fire!

Brian: (blocks with sword) YIKES!

Diagon flew away.

Redo: Maybe George is INSIDE of the seal. We gotta investigate! Sparky, go investigate!

Sparky: Ar! Ar! Ar! (Scared whimper while running away)

Redo: Guess it's up to us. Let's suit up (Transforms) Spidermonkeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Sparky comes back and lands on Brian's head.

(Brian): WTFUDGE. Oh whatever. (transforms to Wildmutt, and goes ultimate) ULTIMATE WILDMUTT! Let's go.

Brian and Redo enters the seal.

Redo: HEYY! Lucubra! *Webs to wall*


Brian: Shut up! Look, more Lucubras!

12 Lucubras comes surrounding us.

Brian: Dang................................................................................................YOU LUCUBRAS.

Brian starts running around and clawed the Lucubras. In a split second, they are all down.

Redo: Uh! Is it me or did that symbol move?

Symbol becomes...Vilgax!

Vilgax: I'm BAAAACK! Wut? You killed mai Lucubras? I was supposed to absorb one and become Vilcubra! Now that video is ALL A LIE!

Redo: Shut up, doofus! (Runs at Vilgax but he hits me with the ruby ray of whatshisface) WTFUDGE? Where did you get it back from?

Vilgax: YOUR MOM!

Redo: *gasp* You stole that ruby from my mom!

Brian: ...>RAWR<

Brian jumped on Vilgax, clawed his face, then farted and pooped on him.

Redo smeered the poop on his face and then webbed it to him as Sparky blows fire.

The Diagon flew in.

Diagon: Stalkers, get outta my seal!

Redo: How come we keep talking about seals? Are we at the zoo or something?

Brian: I think.

Brian reverted back, sets the power level to OMG!!!111!!!, the swords lets out a very very very bright light.

Brian: WHOA!

Brian stabbed Diagon. Diagon dies.

Brian: ...that's it?

Redo: Pretty much.....Lame. -_- (Detransforms)

Sir George runs in with Ascolen.

George: RAH! Wait. The Diagon is dead? I was gonna do that! Who the heck are you.

Redo: Sirs. We have to take you to a castle.

George: Nah, I'm good. Vilgax will still become Vilcubra and junk.

Redo: He's down, so we'll have to wait till he wakes up to stop him.

George: Actually, the FKC is right behind us.

Edwards: Non-believers! When the Diagon-

Brian: Shut up! Enough with the Diagon! We get it! He;s not good, ya know! Besides, we already killed him.

The Conduit sees the Diagon's corpse on the ground.

Edwards: You- you- you killed him? OMG! AGH! (Curls into a ball and cries on the floor)

Brian: Redo! The mission!

Redo: Yeah!

Brian: Hey George! (sets power level to OMG!!!111!!!)

George: Wut

Brian: DIE!

Brian charged at George, but George blocked it with the Ascalon. They are sword-fighting.

George: NO U DIE

Redo: Wrong! U FAIL! (Transforms) ECHO ECHO!

The clones attack George, but he swipes 'em off.

Redo: This is soo dumb. WALL OF SOUUUUUUUND-AA (Wall of Sounds George)

George: OW!

Brian: Redo! Don't Wall of Sound ME, too!

Redo: Sorry. (Goes Ultimate) Bring it Old George!

George: That's SIR George to you, Redo! (He tried to swipe him, but Ascalon got stuck in the ground.)

Redo grabbed it.

Redo: And that's SIR Redo, to you, too!

Brian swiped 'em from behind and he fell.


Brian: Got it! (transforms) ECHO ECHO!!

Brian do Wall of Sound, while Redo do Sonic Doom.


George went flying and the seal exploded.

Back at the castle...

Knight 1: Great Job. Here's your prize.

Brian and Redo: ICE CREAM!

Brian: We did it! Too bad we blew up the seal though.

Redo: Guess there's gonna be no Lucubra/Diagon/Sir George arc.

Knight 2: HAHA! We gotz double scoops and u don'ts get it!

Brian + Redo: -_- -_-

They shot the Power Drainer, stole da ice cream, and ran away.