Redoalien 'Redo' Powerstone is Redo's first character in the RPG. I am a Citrakayah shop keeper (mainly) and Omnitrix wielder. (occasionaly)


He is a fun guy who is a great strategest but sometimes can also be very stupid. He knows stupidity so well that he can understand his oppenent's stupidity and use it as a weakness. He has trouble controling his anger so he wears a necklace called the Peace Piece.


He is a Citrakayah so he looks like one. He has white eyes and the Peace Piece is around his neck.


Redo is a shop owner. His store includes cheap gadgets and magical items. He adventures and battles from time to time, but usually takes charge of his shop. He wears a medal called the Peace Piece that keeps his anger levels balanced. It also functions as an Omnitrix, but not many people know this as they think his shifting forms is a natural ability. Only trusted people know.