NRG is a playable alien.


NRG is a walking nuclear reactor. The energy he radiates enables him to generate intense heat through his suit, which will glow red with heat, and melt through solid metal and rock by merely touching it. NRG is also capable of firing highly radioactive energy beams through the vents on his helmet which can corrode and melt metallic objects as well unleash explosive power against his enemies. He can also channel his heat through the ground, resulting in a massive geyser of magma. He also has some degree of superhuman strength, shown in Too Hot To Handle where he was shown the be capable of easliy throwing a matter-enhanched Kevin. Also, his suit allows him to enter hazardous areas and provides protection against fire, flame, heat and radiation (though none of those things could hurt him anyway due to him being made of energy). The only thing strong enough to cut open the suit is Taedenite, as it is extremely durable.