Ben 10 Lost dimension is action RPG/tactical RPG hybrid game for the PSP.

Name: Ben 10 Lost dimension

Genre: Action role-playing, tactical role-playing

Platform: PSP

Number of Players: Single Player

Rating: T for (Teen)

Publisher: FRF Games, Cartoon netwook Games, Atlus

Release Date: TBA


The game is a hybrid of an action-RPG and a tactical-RPG. Movement is done on a square grid with turns being determined by figuring out which character has the highest AP (this AP system is comparable to the CT system used in Final Fantasy Tactics). On the player's turn, he or she can move his character into position and choose to attack an enemy.

Battle Tartic 1
At this point the game switches into the action-RPG portion. The player has a number of "Branches" they can use. Each direction on the directional pad combined with the circle button will perform an attack. Each attack uses up 1 branch. If the player performs a certain number of Aerial Chains (hitting the enemy in mid-air), they will gain bonuses, such as items, super meter, extra damage, more branches to use in this turn. Bonuses other than items are converted into extra Experience Points at the end of an attack sequence. Upon filling up the character's Special Gauge they can use the Triangle button to perform a special attack. They will also be able to select a Multiple Assault attack if their units on the board meet the conditions. Defense also puts the player in the action-RPG mode, this time blocking to reduce the enemy's damage. Successfully blocking attacks will also increase the amount of AP the player's unit has.

There are 50 levels total (45 normal and 5 prologue) and the game should take from around 70-100 hours to complete.


In the Morning, Benjamin Kirby Tennyson awake in his bedroom. Suddenly, He saw the giant creature attacking the town. So, He and his Friends to stop that creature. After they defeat it, People were stop move like a statue. Gwen is thinking what happen. So they saw blue portal and enter. Ben saw many portal in Place. But, he only one was here. He realizes they're Missing. the person isn't missing is Paradox. he is only one told him about this place.that place is Dangerous. It's up to Ben find his Allies.


Playable characters listEdit

  • Mike Albright
  • Raidou Kuzunoha the XV
  • Sophie (Kizugirl 1)
  • Zoe Reid
  • Zeax Oppeh
  • Danny Lurtor

Ben's AliensEdit