NOTE: Referee of The RPG is Priyank Jain. This RPG is based on Ben 10 Apprentice


Paradox sent Ben 10 to the future to help Ken's classmate to understand there new Fusion alien powers. Now as fusion aliens help Ken defeat evil Ben.


Rules Should Be Followed By Every Character:

  • Every player will be given their alien sample by the referee.
  • You will get alien according to your mentors
    • Jane Drake will make you combat type alien
    • Peter Druke will make you a defense type alien
    • Kevin will will make you a speed and intelligent type alien
    • Rahul Arora will give you a pet monster
  • Gwen will give you your mission
  • It is conversation type game in story mode and power type game in arcade mode.


  • Evil Ben
  • Kevin 11,000
  • Eon